Anxiety disorder stats adolscent: study show that if a history of Anxiety disorder is in the family then the children will get it.  The children will also get, cancer and heart disease. Teens behavior is out of the ordinary for a teenager, 80% are diagnosed with Anxiety disorder, 60% are diagnosed for depression but are not getting any help

Coping Skills Checklist - Coping Skills for Kids My description: easy to access checklist for specialists to access when In need of tools for children. Goal is to aid specialists and add comfort to children.

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A Beginner's Guide to Psychiatric Medications

A quick guide to give you a basic understanding of the types of psychiatric medications out there, and when to speak to your medical providers about them.

How to challenge Cognitive distortion or stinking negative thinking

How to Challenge Cognitive Distortions

Being able to identify negative thinking is important when addressing anger. We all have negative thoughts occasion but being able to catch them early - and recognize when they aren't true can minimize their impact. top hacks on losing weight

Clinical Decision-Making Guide for Mental Health Professionals

Body Building Workouts

Infrographic on how to make a MH treatment plan -- An interesting view into how mental health professionals SHOULD approach disorders.

Tree of Strength (Creativity in Therapy) - This art therapy directive helps clients to identify their personal strengths, coping skills, and supportive people to get through a difficult time. Great creative activity for mental health or trauma treatment, in individual therapy or group therapy.

Tree of Strength : Creative Expression Activity to help kid with medical conditions talk about what gives them strength

Use this list of mental health group topics to help you plan groups or create a complete program.  Specific subtopics are included for each category of group topic.

Group Therapy Topics: Mental Health Educational Activities