Simple mermaid - like this, but thicker in the hips and broader of back with silver in her hair. :)

Simple mermaid - like this, but I would give her a curvaceous bottom and a broader waist with a soft scaled pattern on her fin :)

"I knew it" I say as I see the creature stuck in the roots. "Now I can prove mother right. " (closed RP someone be the mermaid 1-2 more people)

This is a watercolor and ink painting of a mermaid touching the hand of a girl by Michelle Papadopoulos.

Memaid                                                                                                                                                                                 More

eatsleepdraw: The Ocean Mermaid This merm aid has a mysterious mind, a happy heart and a scintillating smile. But who is this mermaid…

Mermaid hair color drawing Hair!! blue wavy long hair. Fun to draw

Mermaid hair color drawing, I don't know who did this but they are so talented I can never get hair right.

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