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28 Things People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Know To Be True

Not even Hispanic, but relate to all these, my mom was just like this! Things People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Know To Be True

I don't like Taco Bell so I hate when people talk about how good it is I'm just like come over for dinner and I'll show/feed you real Mexican Food

Not real but it doesn't have to be authentic for me to stuff it in my mouth and like it

<b><i>"¡NO LLORE! ¡NO LLORE!"</i></b> — My Mom.

18 Horrifying Moments Of Growing Up In A Mexican Household

Now this is a Mexican Purse being put to good use!

"Only fools pay the movie prices!" I think we are lil guilty of this one! LoL Raza knows what's up :)****haha and in a COACH purse, LMFAO



Cuz it's boring being in a restaurant with ur parents

37 Tweets That Mexicans Would Understand

She's brutally honest. Sometimes, she scares the sh*t out of you. But she also makes the best homemade tortillas this side of the border, and you love her unconditionally.  If you grew up with a Mexican or Mexican-American mom, you can totally relate: MORE: 16 Items That Will Remind You Of Growing Up Mexican-American

12 Memes You'll Understand If You Have A Mexican Mom