"An eagle with a snake in its mouth recognizes the Aztec heritage of Mexico. 
According to Aztec legend, the gods advised the Aztec people to build their capital on the location in which they saw an eagle, perched on a prickly pear tree, eating a serpent. They built their capital, Tenochtitlan, on what is now the main plaza of Mexico City."

Mis oraciones y plegarias contigo México Terremoto de grados en Ciudad de México deja al menos 42 muertos. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Mexico City At least 42 people are reported dead after this afternoon's magnitude in Mexico

Coat of arms of Mexico. This is in the Mexico's flag too, named the most beautiful flag on the world.

This is a Mexican coat of arms. This is in the Mexico's flag too, named the most beautiful flag on the world.

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Mexican Americans are becoming more and more prominent as the years go on. As Mexican immigrants start to build up new lives in america and have families the number grows very rapidly.

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American/Mexican Flag My parents were born in Mexico and my brother was born in the U.A I was also born in Mexico and came here when I was just a little kid

Mexico Flag

The green strip represents independence, the white stripe represents the purity of the Catholic faith, and the red stripe represents the blood of the Mexican heroes.

Colors of Mexico Flag By: Amanda Formaro Difficulty: Very Easy Age: 3 and up Click to view larger Holiday LinksSummer Crafts: Summer Crafts  Summer Activities: Summer Activities  Crafts Email: Crafts Email   The colors of the flag of Mexico are green, white and red. Put them together to make your very own three dimensional flag! To add even more authenticity you can cut out a picture of the eagle the sits in the middle and glue it to your white section.  This is a fabulous idea for a

Colors of Mexico Flag Craft: Mexican Flag Craft for mexican fiesta week

Mexico's Coat of Arms

Everything you need to know about Mexican Independence Day

In Mexico will remember the bicentennial of its Independence movement and the centennial of its Revolution with an extensive program of events. Here's a quick look at the treasured symbols of Mexico's colorful past.

Mexico flag printable

There is a full page poster and four smaller flags on our Mexico flag printable. Useful for lots of crafting and display purposes.

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