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+ " How to " by Michael Beirut. + " For design can't save the world. But design can give us the inspiration, the tools, and the means to try. " p 307

Michael Bierut's poster for the fall 2014 series of lectures and exhibitions at the Yale School of Architecture.

build-built-built: Jessica Svendsen : Yale School of Architecture : Fall 2014 lecture series : Art Direction Michael Bierut

architectural league of New York light years poster by Michael Bierut (1999)

Michael Bierut Light Years poster for the Architectural League of New York's 1999 Beaux Arts Ball.

Michael Bierut at AIforGA Poster

Michael Beirut of Pentagram, creative genius and 2016 Sir John Soane Museum Foundation Gala honoree.

Michael Bierut's poster for the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York's annual Maundy Thursday evening, where guest readers take on passages from Dante's Inferno

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Poster for the reading uses the identity for the Cathedral designed by Michael Bierut - Pentagram

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Yale School of Architecture, Lectures, Symposium, and Exhibitions, Fall 2010 — Michael Bierut and Britt Cobb

Diversity as Form: The Yale Architecture Posters: Slideshow: Slide 5

Michael Bierut – Next Cities: Paradoxes of Post-Millennial Urbanism Symposium, October Poster for the Yale School of Architecture