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Michael Myers Halloween, starts killing at a young age and kills his dad, sister, and boyfriend and then grows up to be Psycho

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Michael Myers Bloody Snowglobe

Love it lol. Must be why I like power walking so much!

3 Things: Yep, Halloween has passed. I noticed the typo & it kinda gets to me.this still makes me smile & I have to share! :) Uh, that may be more than

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I totes need this specific collection of Michael Myers masks because they are so op and fashionable.

Famous Movie Locations: Michael Myers House from 'Halloween' (South Pasadena, California)

Famous Movie Locations: Michael Myers House from 'Halloween' (South Pasadena, California)

Killer Mike Myers house in the movie Halloween is a real location, located in South Pasadena, CA.

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if somebody could temper this i would pay a lot for it

Freddy Krueger Hand Painted Holiday Ornament Set by GingerPots

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Got a knack for it, doesn't he?

I’m just looking for that special girl. One that wants me to bang her while I’m wearing a Michael Myers mask.