Beer Can Birthday Cake...I've finally made something I pinned a while ago.

Beer Can Birthday Cake.We used a 2 liter bottle for the bottom layer. Ours just had two layers. Used wired to secure the cans, and then covered with ribbon.

Miller Lite Designed the Ugly Sweater to End All Ugly Sweaters  - #holidays

Miller Lite Designed the Ugly Sweater to End All Ugly Sweaters

Check out this great campaign from Miller, they made a huge Miller Lite Ugly Christmas Sweater and put it at Times Square, and you can buy a Miller Sweater!

LOVE THIS!!!  I have it in grey already but I love it even more in fav color and my fav beer!  It's a win/win!

Brew City Brand created and patented the Original Beer Pouch Sweatshirt Patent We product-tested the pouch until we knew you could enjoy you.

Miller Lite Packaging and Visual Identity. Designed by Turner Duckworth.

Miller Lite's refreshed brand identity incorporates minimalist design, a concise color palate, and targeted brand cooperation for bold and forward look.

Miller Lite Beer Logo

Miller Lite logo image: Miller Lite is a abv pale lager brand sold by MillerCoors.

Glad to know i wasnt the only kid who had pictures with the old school miller lite can.  Thanks dad haha


I told that teaching lady the only crayons I needed were read white and blue Murica USA white trailer trash beer gut kid toddler baby adult hick Satire humor mocking funny lol haha cigarette redneck country

I've got a whole bunch of retro miller lite cans...this is happening!

Kyle can opened some busch cans then drilled a hole on the bottom end, and I doctored them with hot glue to Walmart lights.

Miller Lite Coleman 54 Quart Cooler

(Official) Miller Lite Coleman 54 Quart Cooler: Shop for authentic and quality beer coolers from the Miller Lite Store. Home of the Original Lite Beer.