Twisting Tower | Skyscraper | Minecraft Building Inc

The Builder: jduartemiller This is a design based heavily on the Cayan Tower in Dubai by SOM and the Evolution Tower in Moscow by Tony Kettle and RMJM, but it attempts to make a 180 degree twist (t…

New York Brick Buildings On World Of Keralis Minecraft Project. Old Brick Apartment Building Fire Escape Stock Photo Small Brick Apartment Building. Front View Of Brick Wall Red Contemporary Apartment Building. Brick Apartment Building With White

Minecraft - Suburban House Tutorial (Minecraft House)

This tutorial is showing how one would build a house in mine craft. I would show this on the smart board so that all the students could watch. Students should know what a house is, and some of the things that go into building it (walls, roof, shapes).

The road tileset overview

The road tileset overview

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