Kids-Amigurumi: cute - with patterns.

Kids-amigurumi: dragon and everything, everything, everything (the hook, knit together on-line), free pattern pdf saved

Baby Gray Koala Kawaii Mini Amigurumi Plush by twistyfishies

Baby Gray Koala Kawaii Mini Amigurumi Plush by twistyfishies. (Sold out but lovely inspiration).

Mini Elephant - Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern English and German - PDF Version - Click to" download" here:

You'll love our Elephant Crochet Post that includes Elephant Crochet Rug, Elephant Crochet Pillow, Elephant Crochet Blanket and Elephant Crochet Amigurumi

-x- EssHaych -x-: Free Pattern: Mini Amigurumi Top Hat! Modify to make stovepipe (Lincoln) hat for Preseident's Day garland

I'm happy to bring you my second free pattern: the Mini Ami Top Hat! A little while ago I wanted a crocheted top hat for an ami alien I wa.