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This famous picture is one of the first pictures that Illumination Entertainment put out to hint at a minion movie!

I didn't see this in the theater because I thought "Eh, they've made how many of these? And this is a spin off . . . " but was I ever wrong! This is the latest installment in a series that is so funny and appealing to parents and kids of all ages that you really have to see it.


Fingerprint Minion Card - Here Come the Girls

Fingerprint Minion Card

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When the Minions turn to be Exo member

"The release date for the Minions spin-off movie has been moved from December 2014 to July they need more time to make fart guns.


Who's Who of the Minions (1st movie)

Can’t identify those adorable Minions from ‘Despicable Me’? The infographic ‘A Who’s Who Of The Minions’ will help you unravel the identities of Gru’s most prominent helpers.

1920x1022 minions wallpaper for computer screen

1920x1022 minions wallpaper for computer screen

#iPhone #Minions cover

Coque rigide IPHONE 5/5S - Tansparente avec motif drole DESIGN case +

3840x2160 minions 4k screensavers backgrounds

3840x2160 minions 4k screensavers backgrounds