Misha Collins is the type of person that would loose his own kid getting lost in while helping a list kid in a grocery store.

Collins is the type of person who renews his wedding vows in drag holding a bouquet of vegetables in a grocery store. That's why he's a beautiful soul.

Omg 'ms Collins' XD

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At the beginning of each season I get a very sweet letter of encouragement from Warner Brothers addressed to.

Pssshhh...Misha is the biggest Destiel shipper of all...except maybe Jared.  samwinchester, deanwinchester, supernatural, mishacollins, destiel

I don't ship Destiel, but I love that Dean is the bride.<<< misha ships it more then anyone else, I love it (I ship destiel.

Misha Collins. Renewing his wedding vows. In drag. At Albertsons. And he still cried half his mascara off.

Misha Collins renewed his wedding vows in a grocery store, with a bouquet of vegetables, while dressed in drag.I- I think I need to stop internetting.

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How does MISHA look so fabulous while doing everything? Including renewing his wedding vows. In a grocery store. With a bouquet of vegetables. Dressed in drag.

Misha Collins on Supernatural - We would still watch it haha

We would still watch it, misha. "By the holy father, Crowley the couch has dean the duster! Quick soapy-Sam we must go rescue him!"<<<<< I will still be watching

Misha Collins

Misha Collins