And for him to say, "just seeing if you still lived there". Lord only knows how much I miss him.

Because he loved Texas so much he never wanted to leave, nogeven to visit somewhere else. He couldn't fatham that a born and bred Texan would ever want to live anywhere else:) miss you so much my sweet daddy

well isn't that the truth!

and I'm always in fear of losing the ones I need the most :( so I pray for them to always be in good health and to live long lives.

This doesn't apply right now, but I like the quote.

100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

MARCH are the worst days of the year. The pain isn't weaker,even after 2 yrs RIP love Fridah Munuve I miss you everyday.I wish you never how much am hurting.

I miss you & you don't care one bit

I want to tell you about the seemingly insignificant pieces that make up my day.but by the same token, I don't want you to feel suffocated by me | QUOTES | QUOTES