Moctezuma II was the ninth ruler of Tenochtitlan. He was ruler when the Aztec Empire reached its maximal size. He spread the empire very far south using warfare.

Word of Cortes was brought to Moctezuma, who was the Aztec god-king. He sent gifts and told Cortes not to continue his trip to Tenochtitlan.

Cuitláhuac, 10th tlatoani of the Aztec Empire, brother of Moctezuma II. After being held captive by the Aztecs, Cortés ordered Moctezuma to ask his people stop fighting. Moctezuma told him that they wouldn't listen to him, and in turn asked him to free his brother Cuitláhuac so he'd convince the people to stop. Once freed, Cuitláhuac led his people against the conquistadors and successfully drove them out of Tenochtitlán on June 30, 1520. After ruling for only 80 days, he died of smallpox.

Cuitláhuac, tlatoani of the Aztec Empire, brother of Moctezuma II.

Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, or Moctezuma II, (c.1466-29 June 1520) was the ninth Aztec ruler. He was captured by Hernán Cortés, and killed in the subsequent battles. Details of his death are unknown, though it is commonly believed that he was stoned to death by his own people for failing to protect their city.

Attributed to Antonio Rodríguez, Mexico, Portrait of Moctezuma II Xocoyotzin (Retrato de Moctezuma II Xocoyotzin),

Moctezuma II - A Sophisticated & Cultivated Man, he was to Become the Last Great Aztec God-King

Full length color image of Moctezuma II aka. Montezuma, by George Stuart.

Feather head-dress, Mexico, Aztec, early 16th century. Quetzal, Cotinga, roseate spoonbill, Piaya feathers; wood, fibres, Amate paper, cotton, gold, gilded brass © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM.

Feathered headdress of the Aztec King - Moctezuma. The last surviving Aztec headdress in existence. Museum of Ethnology, Vienna, Austria Algo tan bonito deveria de estar en su hogar.

Moctezuma II was the ninth ruler of the Aztec Empire.  It was during his reign that the first contact occurred with the Europeans, and the empire reached it's maximum size.

Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin or Moctezuma II is one of the most famous rulers of the Aztecs. He had extreme religious and civil power, completely dominating his people.

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Motecuhzoma II, emperor of Mexica / Moctezuma II, emperador de los Mexica