When it comes to Valentine's day gifts, you really have to be unique and your gift has to express your love to the one you give it to. It doesn't necessarily have to be super expensive. In fact, sometimes cheap self-made gifts are more meaningful to the receiver. This year we want to save you the hustle of choosing a gift. Here are some easy and cool ideas for a Valentine's day gift.

14 Easy and Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Use this idea to make my students valentine presents- scratch only one. 10 points extra credit, late work forgiveness, no reading homework, etc.

22 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts that Aren't Cheesy                                                                                                                                                     More

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Mother's Day Craft: a meaningful jar full of reasons why you love her! #MothersDay #MomentsWithMom #CAHMoms

Mother's Day Crafts: Make a "Jar of Love" for Mom

Mother's Day Crafts: Make a "Jar of Love" for Mom! Great last minute gift for Mom! Gifts for mom, mom, birthday gifts for mom, mothers day.