Published in the early 1970s costing only 60¢ a copy, this hand illustrated and typed journal carried this mission: "We see Country♀Women as a feminist country survival manual and a creative journal. It is for women living with women, with men, and alone, for women who live in the country alrea


lunar mama // pacha mama // mother earth // illustration // goddess // roots // thank you earth. I cannot explain how much I LOVE this.

Earth Goddess Empowerment Session. Rejoice in your connection to Mother Earth and ALL of life!

Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.

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mother earth and father sky, I'm not religious but I do feel a spiritual connection to the earth and sky.

would make a great tattoo too

love it. Would put a wolf in there instead of a fox though - I think the fox gives it a unique look. Wolves in tattoos are so overdone. Heck, wolves are overdone in all that pseudo Native American stuff. Plus foxes are simply the best animals.

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tree of life tattoo idea. Inspiration for quilting idea .like the Idea of a Mother Nature in there

LOVE THIS! I am looking for the artist ...

I ONLY like the art work! Affirmations for healing your base chakra: My body supports me in living a creative and happy life. I love every part of my body, every cell is filled with energy and vitality. I am safe. I belong.