Know someone who is moving? A Move In Day basket is a housewarming gift they are sure to appreciate!  Pack it full of simple and inexpensive items that everyone can use on moving day.

How To Create A Housewarming Gift Basket

Moving isn& easy! Having just moved two months ago, I can say that with absolute certainty. When one of my friends moved this past weekend I wanted to put together a housewarming gift full of items.

Super cute move in gift, the printable is free!

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Cute Thank You Gift!

Thank You!

Welcome to the neighborhood gift basket. I HAAAVE TO include a of soda and put this tag on it (soooo cute)! Mine will say, "soda-lighted you're our tenants!" Will also have a "welcome to the neighborhood" sticker on the bucket!

New neighbor gift basket - practical things! Plus a printable card to write recommendations for your fave places in town and local tips!

New Neighbor Welcome Gift

I'd like to maybe do the reverse of this; drop off an introductory gift with an optional survey attached!

"We just POPPED in to fix the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hawthorne Maintenance Team!" Cute gift from maintenance to residents for completed work orders!

"We just POPPED in to fix the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience." Maintenance completes a work order