Nancy Drew books were my introduction to mystery books and I've loved mysteries ever since!!

Nancy Drew Galore!

The original Nancy Drew mysteries, by Caroline Keene . Yet another middle school favorite!

The only thing I would read, on my own doing....anything Nancy Drew...and to this day, mysteries are my subject of choice....

Looks from Books: Nancy Drew

The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene. in the Nancy Drew series. I loved Nancy Drew Books.

This was the first Nancy Drew book I ever owned/read.  :-). Beginning of an obsession...

The Secret at Shadow Ranch (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, book by Mildred A Wirt

A modern Nancy Drew is a Nancy Drew we don't really like.

Why Modernizing Nancy Drew Doesn’t Work

Nancy Drew - The original girl detective - showing intelligence, courage and independence to solve mysteries.

I did love the Nancy Drew mystery books.  Wish I had held onto them.

Hooked on Nancy Drew Mysteries

Big stuffed Nancy Drew book pillows!

Big stuffed Nancy Drew book pillows :) I havce decided that I will have a comfy couch filled with book cover pillows in my house.

Nancy Drew - what turned me into a reader when about 8 yrs. old.  Read one after the other that summer . . .

Why We Still Love Nancy Drew

Nancy's age jumped from 16 to 18 in and she morphed from a feisty gumshoe into a demure debutante who deferred to police and drove only "as fast as the law allowed." Read more: Nancy Drew Books Value - Vintage Nancy Drew Books - Country Living