smudge sticks & crystals :)~~~~ A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, most commonly white sage. Often other herbs or plants are added, and the leaves are usually...A wand made of various dried leaves or herbs that produces fragrant smoke when burned, used originally among certain Native American peoples to cleanse

Hey guys just a polite note - please don't call these smudge sticks if you are not Native American as this is cultural appropriation. Please refer to this as smoke cleansing rather than 'smudging' :)

Arctic Star- Feather Armband, feather arm cuff, upper arm band, boho armband, tribal armband, indian armband, native american, style by dieselboutique on Etsy

New arctic star feather armband listed . I made this beauty to match the arctic star earcuff. I love how it turned out!

Turquoise Princess - Feather headband, native american, indian headband, hippie headband, bohemian headband, wedding veil, feather veil by dieselboutique on Etsy

I can see native american influences in this head band in terms of what it composes of and the colors as well. A great way to show appreciation for native american culture! --- Turquoise Princess Feather headband native by dieselboutique

First Nations Native American Marriage Blessing

Native American Marriage Blessing Posted on August 2012 by Gina's Professions for PEACE There may be controversy over which tribe originated this writing, but it is and beautiful poetry. Thank you to the unknown author(s).

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New to dieselboutique on Etsy: white Feather HeadBand Native American style wedding bridal boho wedding veil hippie bohemian bride ivory braided gypsy USD)