All-natural Mason Jar Mosquito Repellant. Non-toxic, No DEET.

Put These Bug-Repelling Mason Jars Outside and Mosquitoes Will Stay Far Away All Summer

Nothing ruins a summer BBQ or picnic like an invasion of mosquitos. For an all-natural way to get mosquitos off the guest list at your next outdoor gathering, try this simple Mosquito Repellant Mason Jar. The active ingredient is Lemon Eucalyptus Oil.

Did you know that sage is a natural mosquito repellent? Add a bundle of sage to your fire pit, and keep pests away!

7 Ways Not to Get Mosquito Bites

7 Ways Not to Get Mosquito Bites - Light a fire Yes, those summertime fire pits are great for ambiance, but they can also keep pests away--just add a bit of smoking sage to the pit and…see ya, mosquitoes. Read more: 7 Ways Not to Get Mosquito Bites

Plants to scare mesquitoes                                                                                                                                                     More

Stuff to plant that mosquitos HATE Things to plant when we finally get our patio out back poured.plant these items around the entire patio for a mosquito free zone.

We love the idea of natural mosquito repellent!

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Keep mosquitoes away this summer with this DIY mosquito spray made of mouthwash, beer, and Epsom salt. Someone who tried this said this actually works well. Keep some in a spritz bottle under a chair or table for reapplications.

Mosquito Repellent Yard Spray Cant hurt to try it. And the grass will love the beer and Epsom salt - My New Gardening Plan

I spray this on my clothes and skin anytime I go out on my back deck at night and it really helps repel the mosquitoes. Normally, if I don't put anything on I'll get 10 bites just from sitting on my deck for a few hours. But, with this spray, I hardly ever get one bite now.

Make Your Own Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray

Since I started using this make your own natural mosquito repellent spray, I've hardly been bitten by any mosquitoes. It repels the mosquitoes naturally.

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25 Things Your Mom Should Have Told You

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All Natural Mosquito Spray    3-4 sprigs mint    2-3 sprigs rosemary    1-2 cloves    2 cups water    Heat the water to just boiling.  Add the herbs and spice allow to cool covered for an hour or longer.  Poor into a spray container.

All Natural mosquito deet, safe for kids and pets. I hate mosquito spray, would love to give this a try.

These three oils combine to keep ticks and mosquitoes away. I just wish we'd had this a month ago...

WildThrive: Non-toxic tick and mosquito repellent

Use this non-toxic tick and mosquito repellent recipe made with essential oils to keep the bugs away. 5 drops peppermint 5 drops lavender 5 drops melaluca 1 oz water in dark spray bottle