New Jersey, The Garden State,  sure has a lot of stunningly beautiful spots as the following pictures series proves! Although it is the fourth smallest state it has a lot interesting locations you should visit. Have a look at some of the most beautiful places to visit in New Jersey.

20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Jersey

New Jersey represents her background and where she comes from Skin represents her- youth and childhood Color- represents who she is as a person

Walk along the longest boardwalk in the world in Atlantic City, the city whose streets the properties in the game Monopoly were named after.

19 Awesome Experiences You Can Only Have In New Jersey

NEW JERSEY: Amble along the Atlantic City boardwalk, famous for its hotels, casinos, and shopping.

11. Duke Farms, Hillsborough

These 11 Jaw Dropping Places In New Jersey Will Blow You Away

14 fascinating spots in NJ that are straight out of a fairy tale

14 Fascinating Spots In New Jersey That Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

This easy trip is ideal for a full day of family fun, an adventure with friends, or even a special date.

Branch Brook Park, Newark/Belleville, NJ.

15 Enchanting Spots In New Jersey You Never Knew Existed

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2. The Red Mill, Clinton

12 Places In New Jersey You Must See Before You Die

From museums and monuments to beaches and beautiful parks, I suggest you fully explore our wonderful state

Wildwood Boardwalk!

Wildwood Boardwalk New Jersey! A fun trip with family, got hooked on some ski ball like game, rides, beach, shops. and granddaughter Amber's dance competition made for a great time.

Things Only People From New Jersey Understand. (I don't agree with #10 but besides that, all true.)

These 33 Photos Will Make You Remember Why You Love New Jersey - Movoto

7. This beautiful man-made waterfall at Duke Farms.

14 Photos Taken In New Jersey That You Won't Believe Are Real

New Jersey

Greetings from New Jersey map postcard - Back text: "Nickname - Garden State Area in Sq. Miles - Entered the Union, Dec :

Christmas Candlelight House Tour, Cape May, New Jersey

Image detail for -. beautifully preserved Victorian residences in Cape May, New Jersey

The waterfalls are a rush. | 13 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The East Coast's Best-Kept Secret

13 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The East Coast's Best-Kept Secret

The waterfalls are a rush. 13 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The East Coast's Best-Kept Secret