Shea Stadium, Aerial View, Ny Mets

Shea Stadium, Aerial View, Ny Mets

Citi Field - New York Mets. With home plate of old Shea Stadium in foreground.

Citi Field, Flushing, NY - the new home of the New York Mets. The home plate of the old Shea Stadium is in the foreground.

Citi Field - Home of the New York Mets (Stadium #4)

Citi Field - Home of the New York Mets (Stadium Vs. Atlanta Braves, April, 2014 --Braves won the game by a score of 6 to 1

Ahhh,the 86 Mets. I'm missing these guys right about now. Gooden, Carter, Strawberry, Hernandez. Such great characters... or is my memory clouded?

The 86 Mets. Gooden, Carter, Strawberry, Hernandez where are they now, the Mets…

New York Mets (MLB, 1980s): Pinstripes w/ shoulder stripes and stirrups; vibrant colors *plus* Hernandez's mustache - this was a great 80s look!

Keith Hernandez was a brick wall at first base from for the New York Mets. He won the Gold Glove 11 times and was on two World Series Championship teams: 1982 Cardinals and 1986 Mets.

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It's time for a piece for my shopaholics who also love everything sports! Here is an article written about the Amazing Mets and how they are possibly a team of destiny, by our guest writer, Connor Duffy!