112 Free Things To Do In New Zealand (in all of the 16 region's)

Free stuff to do New Zealand so you don't go broke travelling New Zealand anytime soon. - Click the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

30 Must Do New Zealand Bucket List Items

30 of New Zealand's many bucket list activities broken down into four categories. How many will you do? Very nice image :)

13 of New Zealand's coolest and quirkiest hostels, each has an unusual theme or setting to really make your trip memorable

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How To Spend Two Weeks in New Zealand

How to Spend Two Weeks in New Zealand: A complete itinerary for the best spots in the North Island and South Island of New Zealand, from my New Zealand honeymoon.

Glowworm Caves: Waitomo, New Zealand. The Waitomo Caves hold thousands of bioluminescent larvae that leave long strings of mucus (sounds gross, looks dazzling) and glow like a subterranean Milky Way.

New Zealand in a Week - South Island Road Trip Itinerary

DIY Ways To Make Traveling Suck Less If you are coming to New Zealand from Australia, Europe or North America consider flying with Air New Zealand as they may offer the best and quickest connections plus, their on board safety videos are hilarious.

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park has some of the best walks in the country. The scenery is spectacular, with the tallest peak in New Zealand, Aoraki / Mount Cook, soaring above at a height of metres. Amazing shot taken by Be sure to to grab a feature ✌