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Det danske fodboldlandshold ved OL er videre til kvartfinalen trods et nederlag til værtsnationen Brasilien.  Umiddelbart efter kampen var H.K.H. Kronprinsen i omklædningsrummet for at hilse på fodboldspillerne, der nu kan se frem til weekendens kamp mod Nigeria.

After watching a football match between Denmark and Brazil at the Future Arena at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Crown Prince Frederik visited with the Danish Men’s Football Team.

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The china one, patrick one, and the one about the guy in blue.. Me..

10 Fresh Single Memes. #1 When Parents Ask You Why You're Still Single.

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The Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef star is one of the most accomplished chefs on the planet, so why is Gordon Ramsay so pissed off?

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A less than desirable blow job was given to him by this angry BITCH 😱🤢🤢 Sex change in . ps hope this gives that dog something to get his teeth into 😱🤢🤢

It's inappropriate, but he called them on their shit LOL

It's inappropriate, but he called them on their shit LOL


From Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Kirk and Spock board a bus, but immediately disembark because they don't understand the sign on the coin slot, nor the concept of tangible money.