Shot in Beaufort, SC with Lumix LX7, post processed in Photoshop with Nik Software Plugins and canvas texture from a private collection. #Beaufort #SouthCarolina #plantation #NikSoftware #sunset

Shot with iPhone at supermarket. Postprocessed in Photoshop with Nik Software and Topaz Software plugins and French Kiss Textures. #TopazSoftware #NikSoftware #flowers #iphoneography #textures

Google makes its Nik photo editing software completely free (was $150)

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Shot with Lumix G85. Post processed in Photoshop with Topaz Software and Nik Software plugins. #PalmBeach #BlackAndWhite #TopazSoftware #NikSoftware #coastal #beach #florida

Sunflowers display. Shot with Lumix LX5. Post processed with Photoshop, Nik Software plugins, textures from French Kiss Textures. #sunflowers #LumixLX5 #Nik #flowers #textures

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Vancouver, BC, Cityscape captured in a Daytime Long Exposure Pano. Post processing was done with Photoshop and (Nik software) for Black and White conversion. Overall, I hope I managed to capture the magnificence and beauty of Vancouver BC :)