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Enju Style

Enyia, I am Yin's wife and we have been fighting for our freedom of love because I am a forest wizard and he is a shadow wizard. We are on apposing sides. I have lived my life fighting against the shadow lord and his kingdom.

✿┞liran┦anime Black and red silk fabric kimono ninja girl Embroidery design Kimono patterns and materials How to sew materials together

Anime picture with original erise long hair tall image looking at viewer black hair smile simple background japanese clothes black eyes traditional clothes pale skin girl flower (flowers) kimono leaf (leaves) fan

haven suit 3-4 by SeedDestiny on DeviantArt

cosmicwolfstorm: Kassian by Philipp Kruse

Haven Suit by Seed Destiny (female ninja fighter, assassin, thief, rogue sniper, and soldier) Cosplay Costume

Must-see Photo Manipulations by Michael Oswald

f Monk Cloak Staff hilvl monastery night full moon Must-see Photo Manipulations by Michael Oswald

Katana screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

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"I always found armor to be an odd concept, seeing as the cybernetic frame under my skin was stronger than anything they covered me with. But I suppose they didn't want their 'toy' being damaged during the prototype phase." Six.

ArtStation - __, Petr Morozoff- This isn't from Deviant art it's Petr Morozoff who is a concept artist, but his stuff is pretty amazing so.

Dark Mori & Strega Fashion

crowrunner: ““~Nightfury ninja~ ” Cropped hood is from Lip Service Belt is from BytheR Neoprene high-top sneakers from Vagabond Top and scarf are second hand Pants are unbranded ” (Top Design Crop)