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Nose Bleeds in Kids: How to Stop Them and Prevent Them

Does your child suffer from nose bleeds? I& share my first aid training on how to stop them. Plus I have some tips for how to prevent them!

Nosebleed for No Reason? Here Are Some Possible Causes

20 Dollar Nose Bleed- Fall Out Boy ft. Brendon Urie who does have something to do with it

*Face Palms so hard I have a 20 dollar nose bleed*

I first read Pete Wentz when I saw this. I have a pretty big Fall Out Boy obsession.

Nosebleed Johnny Lets Go Big Time

Adaline was abused by the 'father', and before that her real father,at the orphanage- this would result in frequent nose bleeds, cuts, scratches and many 'unladylike' scars

"20 dollar nose bleed" - the person before me. DANG IT I WAS GONNA SAY THAT!!! Oh well. Now I WANNA BLOW OFF STEAM, YEAH!!! CALL ME...

How many times do you think Patrick apologized to that girl for grabbing her butt? It was Pete's idea, we all know it.

My boys get nosebleeds all the time. The combination of the desert dry air, allergies and family history causes them to have a nos.