She is better. Better. And I am old, fat and not good enough. She is a better…

Its okay. I understand. She's skinnier. She's funnier. She's prettier. I wouldn't choose me either.

That's my story and I will have a "happily" ever after :'/

i can't imagine why any guy would ever choose me when there are so many better options

Never think you're not good enough

i never have the over it moment.crying in shower.watching a happy couple.listening to a song which i want him to listen to.those r frequent.

They've been up almost all my life.  Not skinny, pretty, or smart enough.  Never good enough for anyone to stick around.

I was hurt by my "friends" to the point of no longer trusting people. Everyone thought it was just shyness but that wasn't the only thing (it was part of it though) now a few people have managed to start tearing down my walls