November Rain

T: I've been watching Guns N' Roses videos in my bed all morning. T: Have you ever seen Guns N' Roses videos?

Instagram: @elle2bz 'Cause nothin' lasts forever<br />And we both know hearts can change<br />And it's hard to hold a candle<br />In the cold November rain. Guns N' Roses | #gunsnroses, #november, #love  pinterest |MariagraziaL2

Don't you worry<br>Your pretty little mind<br>People throw rocks<br>At things that shine<br>And life makes<br>Love look hard<br>The stakes are high<br>The waters rough<br>But this love is<br>Ours.

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Guns n roses lyrics November rain...

Guns n roses lyrics November rain. god i love that fucking song

When it pours!

"Nothin' lasts forever And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain" -Guns'n'Roses ; rain falling into water

November rain-guns 'n' roses

Inspiration: Decoupage song lyrics that help overcome heartache & grief with pretty artistic additions such as below to aid in closure ie. peace with past & peace within November rain-guns 'n' roses

Do you want to go back to Paradise City or are you Knockin' on Heaven's Door?

Which Guns And Roses Song Is Your Personal Anthem?

november rain  guns n' roses

"But if you could heal a broken heart, wouldnt time be out to charm you" november rain guns n' roses

I chose this image as you can see a rock artist which is holding a guitar. The rock artist is posing with his guitar