Oh Internets, I love you. The Nyan Cat Machine from ddi7i4d on Diviant Art. Print, fold and make your own! Not sure who Nyan Cat is? Watch this. [via @thinkgeek]

Download And Make a Papercraft Nyan Cat Machine

All we need now is the BGM XD nyan cat rainbow dash dashie mlp fim my little pony friendship is magic

nyan cat rainbow dash dashie mlp fim my little pony friendship is magic

Nyan-Cat Music Sheet

Haha repeat until death

Deadmau5's Nyan Cat Ferrari

Deadmau5's Nyan Cat Ferrari

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I tried this. I won't go into details but........ there was blood shed.

Pusheen the Adorable Bouncy Cat from Everyday Cute


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Nyan Pikachu

Nyan Pikachu akaPika-Nyan is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat. Pikachu is a well known.

We LOVE Nyan cat or "poptart kitty" in this house.  But I thought these kids reactions were awesome lol.

Whenever I am having a bad day I just have to watch these innocent kids react to dumb videos.

nyan.cat is the most strenuous endurance test on the Internet. When you can’t possibly take another NYAN, click the button to tweet your NYAN Time. I've seen grown men cry after going one NYAN too long. Categorically NOT for the weak of heart.

nyan cat, nyan cat the game, play nyan cat now! ~ all the fun from our little pop-tart friend in the sky!