SKETCH DUMP: Steven Universe Style Study #1 by on @DeviantArt

I spent a few hours watching various Steven Universe episodes and decided to do a study/observation of the shows style.

overlapping:bij overlapping ontstaat er diepte doordat een object gedeeltelijk voor een ander object staat overlapping is een veel voorkomende manier van ruimtesuggestie

Observational studies - one object (lemon) different angles and media BIG IDEA: Macro/Micro drawings

Description and review of 20+ books about the weather for kids. Great reading suggestions for a weather unit study || Gift of Curiosity

20+ books about the weather for kids

books about the weather for kids - Gift of Curiosity Books about all types of weather What Will the Weather Be Like Today?

Great idea for students setting up their own still life A.C. New ART DepARTment - Mr. Temple: Value Study: Pasta - Art II

In order to focus on the element of Value, the Art II students created mini-still life pieces out of pasta and used a view finder to create.

use this on a small scale in sketchbooks for skbk assignment focusing on contour line, shading with graphite + color pencil...

Build geometric shapes on top of a sketch. You could recycle a pen or pencil observational study to do this.

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Lips studies - Alzheimer's and Dementia ridden individuals lack a voice. They have an inner voice which is full and vibrant and ready. Yet the disease silences them into a remorseful image of hurt and anguish.

my future 'natural forms' study sheet. gorgeous!!! A grade!!

The GCSE art I've done over the past year presented. My favourite is the mixed media Citrus Fruits (oil pastel, acrylic and collage) Top Left: Coloured Pen Pineapple Skin Top Middle: Pyrography Pin.

What's missing is the people!                                                                                                                                                     More

What's missing is the people!

Very useful practice for urban sketching. The quicker you can draw, the more you can add them into the scene.

charcoal skull drawing

How to Approach the IGCSE Art Exam: Observational / Interpretative Assignment