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Daily Odd Compliment: I love the way your mind works. I mean, sometimes I think you're cute, and the things you say make no sense, but then other times I'm like, "That is literally the best idea I've ever heard in my entire life.

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Daily Odd Compliment: You're so hot, you could melt the homes of polar bears. And even if you did, the polar bears would understand. The polar bears would be upset.

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Bizarrely Specific Flattery

Bizarrely Specific Flattery - 'Daily Odd Compliment' Will Uplift Your Spirit in an Unexpected Way (GALLERY)

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Daily Odd Compliment

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Kẻ thù của xử nữ – Ch.6-2 (18+) [PIC-P2]

Why I wish someone would send these to me, I don't know because they so odd. But they're so funny and awesome - Daily Odd Compliment

daily odd compliment | Tumblr- I feel like this was my life when I was pregnant with Blanche. More

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