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Old Friend From High School...

Maxine: I ran into an old friend from high school the other day and she looked marvelous!

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Talking to an old friend. Thank goodness it has changed for the better.

Cute Valentine Card for Boyfriend // Funny by EuclidStreetShop, $4.00

Funny Love Card for Girlfriend // Romantic Birthday Card for Him // Best Friend // Cute Valentine Card for Boyfriend // Let's Be Old Friends.

One of the greatest gifts of God | is friendship, and even more so a long friendship. Why not spend a moment to thank God for an old friend, and then make it your goal over the next few days to let that person know! from: Christian Funny Pictures - A time to laugh.......SO TRUE......AS YOU GROW OLDER YOU'LL REALIZE THIS AS, SO TRUE..

My BFF and I have been friends for over 40 years. My, doesn't time fly? Thankfully, we don't look as "antique" as the women in the photo above. (Sorry ladies.) Hey Karen, here's to being an antique BFF!


Start of a New Day

Simon & Garfunkel song /lyrics is actually about black coffee: "Hello Darkness my old Friend, I've come to talk to you again.

ah... sweet, sweet hiatus... Sorry for the language. Don't ship Johnlock, but this was too funny not to pin.

Hello hiatus, my old friend. Because a fangirl softly crying. The fandom is slowly dying. And the season that was planted in my brain, still remains. Within the hiatus, of sherlock. << Pinning for those lyrics

Card for a 50 year old friend!!  The toilet roll was all handmade from card and tissue paper with cardboard reinforcing the single layer enabling it to hold it's shape.

a fun birthday card. Use a broken piece of a pencil to roll toilet paper around. Use hot glue gun to attach. Or use silver crayon to have the silver ends to be toilet paper holder. I personally think this is funnier for men. paper cakes on cards -

How sweet, I hope if and when I'm old old old I still have a cat to sleep with me…

Very old friends…

100 year old Grandpa and his 17 year old cat. Cutest thing I have ever seen.

It actually is a beautiful picture.  Very poetic and works with the origin of whine the Pooh.

It actually is a beautiful picture. Very poetic and works with the origin of whine the Pooh.

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And we got like 8 weeks til it stops <--? Our winter darkness lasts until like mid march

My Old Friend Jack, not very unique but I don't have a board for "classic drinks" I can't have TWO boards for alcohol.

My Old Friend Jack

Funny pictures about My Old Friend Jack. Oh, and cool pics about My Old Friend Jack. Also, My Old Friend Jack photos.

Every summer I choose one classic tv show to watch and this summer I enjoied watching FRIENDS for like the 7th time. I still love this tv show and for me it Will never get old.  #Friends

10 Years = 236 years later and I still watch it all the time and quote it like 100 times each day!