When we get older, our behavior return like a child

When we get older, our behavior return like a child

I just can't stop laughing .Way to go grandmas!!!!

old ladies shocked to recognize each other. lol "I'm gonna outlive my husband if it kills me"

This is so important, in my country tv shows and movies displays virgins as someone who bleeds on their first time and everyone i know seriously believes that, if i talk about it I'm a shamless slut seriously sex education is important

They also think women pee out of their vagina as well, and think vagina refers to the entirety of the female genitalia when it's actually just the inner shaft it refers to and vulva is the entirety.

I need this. I don't throw parties but still...

10 Memes Today!#9 I Need This Holiday Party Sign For Reasons.

Now,my life is complete.

Husband Animates a Joke Told by His Drunk Wife

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Ya, you need like carharts and a farmers tan to convince me. And a little dirt under your nails for crying out loud, lol.