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Learn How To Use Old, Useless Shutters In Brilliant Ways!

15 Uses For Old Shutters - Christinas Adventures

15 Uses For Old Shutters

Old Shutter Decoration Ideas

34 Ways Decorating with Old Shutters Can Make Your Home Charming

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Jamie go get your shutter (LOL) .you don't have to make a large project out of upcycling an old shutter, just add some lettering and you have a nice accent piece!

How to Spray Paint Old Shutters and Use for New Chic Summer Decor ! These are beautiful and look just like the ones in all New High End  Name Summer Catologs !

How to Paint Old Shutters and Use for Decor

how to paint old shutters and use for decor, design d cor, painting, repurposing upcycling, Estate Sale treasures I found several sets of plain wood shutters Gave them a new look with a blend of CeCe Caldwells Nantucket Spray and Vintage White

Through the power of DIY, things around your house can be transformed into almost anything. Garage doors can by transformed into big beautiful tables, shoes can be turned into lamp stands, and suitcases can be turned into cute cat beds. With a little cutting, sanding, and painting, you can make even the most straightforward housewares into...

Old Shutters Are Repurposed Into Beautiful Planter Boxes

When someone says shutters, you probably think about the hinged panels normally to the sides of a window. A lot of times, shutters on windows are meant just for decor and actually open and close. More often than not, shutters are removed from the

What you can do with an old shutter is remarkable. Check out local yard sales, thrift stores or your own home for great finds to plan your next at home project. I can't wait to add one to my bedroom!

Towel rack for the bathroom 12 Creative DIY Coat Racks- Tutorials, including one for this old shutter coat rack from Charlotte Cottage.

Old shutter turned into a nightstand. Great in a small space. This would also be good for a phone station.

Guest bedroom: Old shutter turned into a nightstand. Great in a small space. This would also be good for a phone station.

Lots of great ideas on ways to repurpose old shutters into home decor. Now I've just got to dig those shutters I found at the flea market out of my garage!

Got some old shutters in your garage? THIS is what you should do with them!