Remember the time when you only had 5 working channels that didn't require banging on the tv and repositioning the antennae.

Old Television I had this same TV. I remember being maybe twelve before we got our first color TV.

Two way screens are a symbol of the party always watching and monitoring its people. They also symbolize the tendency of totalitarian governments to abuse technology to further their own ends instead of to improve living standards.

Stacked TV's in the abandoned Thomas Jefferson hotel in Alabama. Photo by Lindsay Blair Brown.

Prop Hire - Kurt Geiger - Retro TV Art Installation

We were asked by Kurt Geiger to come up with a retro TV display for the launch of their new season of products. We were asked by Kurt Geiger to come up with a retro TV display for the launch of the.

Old TV. 2 channels. Had to walk across the floor to change. Black and white, and test pattern until it actually came on at 3PM.

Old TV Guide -nostalgia, old tv sets, old tv shows, tv test patterns, tv shows from the and TV Guide Magazine 15 cents

1950 Raytheon TV                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Some of these old tv's were a tad before my time, but all we ever had when I was a kid was hand me down tv sets sooo, We did have these tv's when I was a kid!

Vous souvenez vous de l'émission " Télé-chat" dans les années 85? Et bien en voici l'illustration parfaite !

10 DIY pour les chats

vintage TV DIY cat bed - Time to hit the resale shops! Yes, I am Crazy Cat Lady, but I've always wanted to turn an old TV into something cool!

Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled & Repurposed Vintage Console TV's -- It's a fish tank!

fish TV - if ever we get an aquarium again.this would be awesome to do in an old tv set.

Old TV sign off. back when tv went off every night. oh how did we manage.

Old TV sign off. The Test Pattern was on at night instead of 24 hour programs.

That was my grandparents TV. Iv'e always wanted to do this and also a fish tank version. My ideas make my hubby frown.

20+ Creative Basement Bar Ideas

old tv turned into a lil bar. and all the cool things you can make from them! pet beds, Fish tanks, putting your new tv into it.there are so many cool things!

Do you already have ideas for your weekend project? How about replacing your old TV stand with a new one? You can make these #DIY #TV #stand by yourself!  #DIYTVStand #WeekendProject #HomeDecor #PalletWood #WoodCrate

21+ DIY TV Stand Ideas for Your Weekend Home Project

lollodj:    retrogasm: If I had this vintage TV I would watch space movies all day…

lollodj: retrogasm: If I had this vintage TV I would watch space movies all day…well, if they were being aired.

What you really nead is an iPad mini stand that looks like an old TV

Looking for a one-of-a-kind stand? The DuMont iPad Mini Stand won't disappoint.