Remember the time when you only had 5 working channels that didn't require banging on the tv and repositioning the antennae.

Black and White TV- You used to actually have to get up and change the channels or adjust the antenna. Bunny ears and round antenna for the UHF and VHF channels

Two way screens are a symbol of the party always watching and monitoring its people. They also symbolize the tendency of totalitarian governments to abuse technology to further their own ends instead of to improve living standards.

Stacked TV's in the abandoned Thomas Jefferson hotel in Alabama. Photo by Lindsay Blair Brown.

That was my grandparents TV. Iv'e always wanted to do this and also a fish tank version. My ideas make my hubby frown.

20+ Creative Basement Bar Ideas

old tv turned into a lil bar. and all the cool things you can make from them! pet beds, Fish tanks, putting your new tv into it.there are so many cool things!

Vous souvenez vous de l'émission " Télé-chat" dans les années 85? Et bien en voici l'illustration parfaite !

10 DIY pour les chats

vintage TV DIY cat bed - Time to hit the resale shops! Yes, I am Crazy Cat Lady, but I've always wanted to turn an old TV into something cool!

What you really nead is an iPad mini stand that looks like an old TV

Looking for a one-of-a-kind stand? The DuMont iPad Mini Stand won't disappoint.

This TV looks more futuristic than a flat LED monitor. - Old TV set by onate photography, via Flickr

This TV looks more futuristic than a flat LED monitor. - Old TV set by onate photography,

Love this idea...and I think my cats would love having the "fish tank" station on all day!!!

Convert an Old TV Into a Fish Tank

WikiHow has a really cool project detailing the process of converting an old console TV into a fishtank.

Old TV. 2 channels. Had to walk across the floor to change. Black and white, and test pattern until it actually came on at 3PM.

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