Make a tortoise enclosure in a dog crate! #DIY -

Use a dog crate to enclose your tortoise's habitat! Get a dog crate that is the ideal size for your tortoise.

Cute tortoise pen                                                                                                                                                      Mais

How To Built A Russian Tortoise Habitat

Russian tortoises are great for beginners and children because they are fun and friendly animals. They require specific habitats that differ from other tortoises. Enclosure In many areas.

Hol-ee Roller Tortoise Foraging Toy -

Use a Hol-ee Roller dog toy as a foraging toy for your tortoise! Get a Hol-ee Roller that is a good size for your tortoise. Prepare your tortoise's leafy greens and stuff them into the dog toy.

Sooooooo pretty I want it its buitiful I love it wish I could have this enclosed for Romeo

Great layout for a tortoise habitat - a variety in terrain, including the dirt mound with steps in the back. Love the solar lights and the gnomes too!