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Request/Idea: Bastion’s bird tells him to do horrible things. Now we all know who was the real mastermind behind the fall of Overwatch.

quirkilicious: “ Dodu dodu doo duu~! by Quirkilicious Originally I put him off until the very end because I couldn’t imagine making the piece work in his Tank mode, (to go with the Ultimate series)...

Ah Bastion, the original bringer of frustration in low-elo. Honestly I don't get it but what do I know, people rarely play him successfully in any of my games xP Originally I put him off until the .

Bastion - Overwatch by akatsuki-no-yumiko

The moment I& seen the new Overwatch trailer with all the characters I immediately had to do some designs with their catchphrases! You can find this design on my Redbubble store Not anymore, unfo.

That Is A Lot Of Blizzard Characters

That Is A Lot Of Blizzard Characters

Here's some of the new Overwatch Cute But Deadly designs I did. Cute But Deadly Bastion

Bastion's bird has plans... #Overwatch

Bastion's bird has plans...

Anyone Else out There Share the Firmly Held Belief That Bastion’s the Mere Puppet of the Bird?