Pacific Rim - German Jeagar, Black Meteor.

Pacific Rim - Black Meteor (Why is this one not in the movie? It looks awesome!

Pacific Rim - Created by Guillaume Morellec                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Calling All Star Wars Jedi

Cool Sci-Fi Machines, Robot. #robot #machines []

See Terrifying Unused Kaiju In Pacific Rim Concept Art

Gipsy Danger - Pacific Rim designed by tommasorenieri - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Fan Art, Manga & Anime, Movies & TV, Pacific Rim, Robots by Fribly Editorial

Pacific Rim Jaeger Fan Art Sierra Vigilant/ by ~rs2studios

Pacific Rim Jaeger Fan Art Sierra Vigilant/ by Canadian Jaeger for negotiating with friendlier Canadian Kaiju.

Pacific Rim! This movie was made into a comic, so it can be allowed here. Jaegers and Kaijus... who doesn't want to see that?

'Pacific Rim': New posters!

The studio just released this new character poster featuring the Gipsy Danger from the upcoming sci-fi film "Pacific Rim" by director Guillermo del Toro (H

Crimson Typhoon-the only Jaeger ever to use the "Thundercloud Attack Formation" (benefit of being controlled by three pilots) :)

All-New Posters for Guillermo del Toro’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Action Flick “Pacific Rim” Give Us A Great Look At The “Jaegers”, Earth’s Last Hope

Japanese Jaeger Coyote Tango. Reminds me of Dougram Mech.

The Pacific Rim battle mechs: Jaegers

Pictures have released a new character poster for the Guillermo del Toro-directed science fiction film Pacific Rim. Featuring our new look at Japanese Jaeger 'Coyote Tango', check it out after the jump.