Annemarie Kuus

(Sophie Finch) "I was eternally stuck on the attractiveness scale somewhere between 'pretty much average' and 'hardly spectacular.

The most versatile haircuts you can get is the shoulder length hairstyles. In a couple of minutes you can style your hair from elegant to playful. Also, the layers which is put in the best parts of your hair by your stylist would balance out the shape of your face. It doesn’t matter what your

50+ Gorgeous Shoulder Length Haircuts

Big, knitty wraps and ginormous jewelry are always fun!

5 Cool Hair Color Ideas to Try Out

Love her ring, and her hair colour! makes me want to go blonde again, but I told myself i wouldn't colour my hair anymore

If you're thinking about going the palest shade of blonde, you'll want to read this...


If you're ready to go the PALEST shade of blonde, you'll need our new guide to going platinum! Read it before heading into the salon.

I much prefer cool ashy tones on blonde hair, as opposed to golden sort of tones, which can look too brassy if it's not done properly.

18 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas You’ve Got to See