Anthony wants this guy on his page. Teacup Papillon Puppy

Papillon Puppies Pictures and Information The Papillon is a small, friendly, affected toy dog with a accomplished boned structure.

Look up papillons. They're really great family dogs and they are small too!

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Papillon Puppies For Sale In PA!

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Anelli is 7 mo old and probably as big as she's going to get.  A tiny bundle of cuteness.

Papillon Puppies Are Adorable. This cute Papillon Puppy Shows The Inquisitive Side Of Their Nature

And as puppies. | A Guide To Papillons, The Most Underrated Of French Imports We love our pair, they are such delightful dogs and so happy!

And as puppies.

The Papillon is really a very intelligent and self-assured dog which has an incredibly straightforward time studying new tricks.The Papillon is a member on the toy group.

Reminds me of my Papillon, Maddie, when she was a puppy!!

The Papillon dog so cutest and adorable, also called the Continental Toy Spaniel, is a breed of dog of the Spaniel type. One of the smallest dog in the world.

Papillon Puppy

The Papillon is a quite intelligent and self-assured dog that has a very effortless time finding out new tricks.The Papillon breed is descended from one on the original toy breeds, the miniature Spaniel.

My new papillon puppy, Amelia :) <333

My new papillon puppy, Amelia :) tooo freakin cute- my heart is melting!