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LEO 9 APR 2012 - 15 APR A goal or vision you have been working toward comes into fruition now, or gains momentum and positive recognition from others. You feel expansive and inclined to take risks, and you may be overly extravagant now.

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Taurus - You are loaded with optimism and energy. Leo - You gain support for your ideas. Libra - Your finances grow.

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Partnerhoroskop passende sternzeichen nach der numerologie

Numerology is always the key. Therefore, obtain one of our advanced Numerology plans, to find out what the numbers say about you.

Are "Soul Mates" A Real Thing?

Are "Soul Mates" A Real Thing?

Wie funktioniert eine Beziehung, in der für die Partner die eigene Freiheit der wichtigste Wert ist? Unsere Gastautorin beschreibt in einem Liebesbrief an ihren Partner eine ungewöhnliche Liebe.

Redeeming Your Ugliest Moments Through Holy Spirit's Power

Froschorakel gibt 7 verblüffende Antworten. Jetzt 7 Fragen stellen.

Froschorakel gibt 7 verblüffende Antworten. Jetzt 7 Fragen stellen.

Feng Shui Dragon Symbol - Dragons as Powerful Feng Shui Cure - the gold dragon is an excellent addition to your wealth area while a green dragon will fit in well in your health area.

Use the Feng Shui Dragon Properly With This Guide

Use this list of the most popular feng shui protection cures to help build and protect your personal energy.

Happy With What You Have – Feng Shui Tips for the Home

Happy With What You Have – Feng Shui Tips for the Home » Nature Moms

I have this exact thing LOL

I have this exact thing LOL

Hang a Bagua Mirror facing the entrance of your home to deflect unwanted and negative energies! A concave mirror deflects Sha Chi or negative energy away and the convex mirror expands positive Chi energy coming into the home.

Myth: Hang a Bagua Mirror to deflect negative energies. Truth: In Classical Feng Shui, we only use the Ba Guas to derive the formulas we want to apply. We NEVER advise to hang one above your front door .

Does your office feel a little too Dilbert? Here's a quick fix: banish institutional cubicle culture with a little greenery (a plant or two will improve ai

Office Hours: 10 Indoor Plants to Dress Up a Desktop


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