Patrick: This is my girlfriend and I as Medusa and a soldier she turned to stone. We made the head dress from a cut up baseball hate with painted rubber snakes....

Medusa and Stone Soldier - Halloween Costume Contest at

Ghouls Gone Wild! 60 Creative Girlfriend Group Costumes: You know the drill: you and your girlfriends spend weeks talking about your group costume only for Halloween to creep up on you without actually planning anything.

Ghouls Gone Wild! 60 Creative Girlfriend Group Costumes

Find More at => #funnyhalloweencostumes

Find More at => #funnyhalloweencostumes

Se trata de combinar, no de vestirse igual

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Grab your BFF and get ready for one of these genius DIY Halloween costumes.

31 Insanely Ingenious DIY Costumes For BFFs

While dressing up with your best friend is always a good idea, making your own costumes allows for you to flaunt your glorious friendship. Also your inventive creativity and enviable craft skills will shine through.

Best Friend Halloween Costumes - Couples Costumes - Seventeen

24 Genius BFF Halloween Costume Ideas You Need to Try