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Pearl Harbor Attack 1941 | Civilian casualties of Pearl Harbor attack, Hawaii, 1941

Pearl Harbor Attack: Three civilians were killed in this shrapnel-riddled car by a bomb dropped from a Japanese plane eight miles from Pearl Harbor on 7 December

Op 7 december 1941 pleegde Japan een verrassingshaven op Pearl Harbor op Hawaii. De aanval was bedoelt om de Amerikaanse vloot te vernietigen zodat de VS zwak op zee zou zijn. De haven werd aangevallen via gevechtsvliegtuigen en na deze gebeurtenis raakte de VS betrokken bij de Tweede wereld oorlog.

The destroyer USS Shaw explodes after being hit by bombs during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December (AP Photo)

The Pearl Harbor attacks very large amount of damage, despite its duration of just two hours.  21 ships of the United States Pacific Fleet were either sunk or damaged.  188 airplanes were destroyed, and 159 were damaged.  There were 2,403 American casualties, 68 of which were civilians.  On the other side, only Japanese 29 planes (10% of the attacking force) were destroyed.  In the end, all but three US ships damaged were repaired.

December Black smoke and flames pour out of a battleship on fire in Pearl Harbour (Pearl Harbor), Oahu Island after a surprise attack by the Japanese which brought America into WW II. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images)

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It's Pearl Harbor Day! I am a famous ship, who am I? I am the USS Arizona Since December (Pearl Harbor Day) is coming up real soon, I thou…

Pearl Harbor Casualties - Deaths by Location, Fort and Ship

Pearl Harbor Casualties - December USS Arizona, USS California, Fort Shafter and others

There were 4,575 military casualties at Pearl Harbor, including 2,403 killed. Swift burial was imperative. On Dec 8, 15 victims of the raid were temporarily laid to rest under a single flag while Marine riflemen fired a volley and a bugler played taps. The bodies were later moved to an Oahu military cemetery or sent home. This beach site became a golf course.

8 December A Marine rifle squad fires a volley over the bodies of 15 officers and men killed at Naval Air Station Kanoehe Bay during the raid at Pearl Harbor.

The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii. -   Pearl Harbor is a site that inspires reflection on war and peace and our place in the global community. The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor is a truly special monument. Just 6 feet below the surface of the sea, you can see the deck of the 608-foot battleship USS Arizona, which sank in a swift 9 minutes, killing 1,177 of its men, more than half the total casualties that tragic day.

The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor - 100 Places to Take Your Family in the U. Slideshow at Frommers

Resting on the murky ocean floor of Pearl Harbor is the USS Arizona, one of the most sacred war graves known in the world. When the seasoned battleship was destroyed by a surprise Japanese attack 75 years ago in Pearl Harbor, over a thousand men aboard the ship lost their lives in a blink of an eye.   Almost half of the total casualties from Pearl Harbor occurred on the Arizona alone. Few at that time understood how such a terrible tragedy could happen. America was forever changed by the…

On the eve of the anniversary, join the first expedition to explore inside the USS Arizona since the date that will live in infamy, as state-of-the-art imaging technology reveals the aftermath and incredible story of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor. Visited this in 2003, and it was still leaking diesel fuel and oil, crying for those who died that day :(

Visited this in and it was still leaking diesel fuel and oil, crying for those who died that day :(

What happened?  Attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii by Japanese military

Pearl Harbor Casualties - December USS Arizona, USS California, Fort Shafter and others

The Arizona was the US battleship that sustained the most damage and had the most casualties during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Day that Lives in Infamy but Launched a Superpower: Pearl Harbor Told from a Survivor’s Point-of-View