"Sirens," Pearl Jam lyrics

"Sirens," Pearl Jam lyrics This song has so much meaning to me right now.Ever since this song came out, I have been in love with it.

Pendulum by Pearl Jam  This song is unbelievably incredible!!! My favorite song on the album. First time I heard it I just had to play it again and again....after hearing it about 10 times I finally moved on to the rest of the album! LOL

Pendulum by Pearl Jam (easy left me a long time ago)

Just Breathe. Pearl Jam. Did anyone else get tears in their eyes when reading that?

Just Breathe -Pearl Jam. Love this song. Reminds me of my husband ♥

"Makes much more sense to live... In the present tense." Pearl Jam - Present Tense

"Makes much more sense to live. In the present tense." Present Tense -Pearl Jam