Two black percherons. These are impressive animals. Wouldn't it be epic to ride one of these?

I wonder if this is at Stes Marie De La Mer?  I loved living and working in Pioch Badet, Camargue and walking to Marie DLM to walk by the ocean, walking past hundreds of black bulls, whit horses and shaggy donkeys on the way.

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White Horse Standing in Water, Camargue Horse Art Print, Animal Photography, Nature Print, Minimal Wall Decor - A Heart So White

Percheron mare - My Percy was this kind of horse. He was so beautiful. Some days I really hate that we had to sell him

Percheron mare - this is actually Kimber, I was a week too late buying her. So beautiful

Most Beautiful Horse in the World 2013 | Here are images of top 20 most beautiful horses in the world

Top 20 Most Beautiful Horses In The World

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Do you have a hoarding problem when it comes to tack ...

i feel like i have a lot of saddles i dont use And I collect shoes too lol cowboy boots!

Harrys Horse Jodhpur breeches Jeans Plus

Harrys Horse Jodhpur breeches Jeans Plus

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Man riding a draft horse

The Shire horse is an English draft horse that comes in many colors. They can stand as tall as 68 inches and are capable of bearing heavy loads. In the past, they were a popular choice for pulling wagons in England.