I approve of this Percy cosplay. (I choked on my food when I saw this). No one comment on how he isn't supposed to get wet. He looks amazing <-- Maybe he wanted to let the rain get him wet. And, this cosplay is amazing.

“Dreams and death were old friends of his.” Amazing Nico By spookihope.tumblr

Is this nico drawing or nico cosplay? Either way, awesome

*doo doo do do doo do do* a highly attractive teen has been spotted fighting a mound of dirt on Long Island sound with his ballpoint pen. Officials are on their way to take the boy to a mental facility. UPDATE: The mound of dirt was there, but the boy was nowhere to be found.

Amazing Percy Jackson Cosplay <--Better than the movie.

Annabeth Chase & Percy Jackson in Tartarus Cosplay..... Must say this is one of my favorites!!

Percy wanted to thank the Titan, but his voice wouldn´t work. His legs buckled. His ears rang. Through a red glow of pain, he saw Annabeth, a few yards away, wandering blindly towards the edge of the cliff.

Perfect. Now all I need to do is find these people and hug them.

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These are my favorite cosplayers. I saw one they did with my nico. Wait, why is Leo so tall?

@aletheiacosplay on instagram

Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson Cosplay

Hazel Levesque // that's pretty "dam" close to what I imagined her to look like

and she's the optimist that I could never be without limiting her intellectual capacities. Reminds me of Hazel Levesque. Nico di Angelo-Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Nico do Angelo Cosplay

Thalia Grace cosplay!!!

Thalia Grace cosplay!!!

Leo Valdez cosplay

Leo Valdez cosplay *excuse me.* <<<< Are u Sadie Kane?

@aletheiacosplay on instagram<<< I love how Percy is just standing there like what

I love Percabeth cosplay!

Best Cosplay!! It's kinda sad that the cosplay looks more like the characters than the actors.

'The best underwater kiss of all time. *^* I had this huge Percy Jackson shooting.

Only a Percy Jackson fan would know why I pinned this here

Only a Percy Jackson fan would know why I pinned this here<------MY BROTHER DOESNT GET IT!and he said he likes Percy Jackson more than I do!<<< lol nope ALL demigods know this. It is mandatory even is you don't ship it<<<< true dat <<BRASON

Percy Jackson cosplay | Percy and Annabeth cosplay

Omg awesome Percy and Annabeth cosplay

percy jackson headcannon | Tumblr

but… the whole point of the hat… is that it makes you invisible

O Leo é minha situação kkkk Seguradora profissional de Vela.

O Leo é minha situação kkkk Seguradora profissional de Vela.