Percy Jackson Necklace camp half blood lightning theif

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Camp Half Blood Necklace

I actually got this for my birthday this year from my parents. I loved it 💙 (like if you know why I put a blue heart😉)

Percy Jackson. It's cool except that IT. DOESN'T. COME. IN. A. BOTTLE. D:

Uhhh this is cute but, mist doesn't come in a bottle. If you are talking about the movie awesome but, in the books Hera controls it. I still like the idea.

Percy Jackson Series Book Locket by CraftingCall on Etsy

Our Percy Jackson Series Book Locket Bracelet features all 5 of the bestselling series by Rick Riordan on a lightweight vintage bronze tone chain.

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Percy Jackson Lightning Thief/Sea of Monsters/Titan's Curse/Battle of the Labyrinth/Last Olympian Book Necklace/Bookmark/Keychain/Bracelet