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UX Visualization Examples & Tips

With the help of @Laszlito Kovacs we made posters to keep focus on the people that use WeTransfer. We based these personas on actual interviews with people that deal with sending large files.. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theuxblog.com

Persona posters for WeTransfer. Quite a minimal amount of information, just pulling out the core themes.

Persona Templates by Komal Bains, via Behance

These persona templates were created to help designers come up with quick personas during brainstorming sessions. The user can simply fill in the details and the persona is ready to use. The persona can also be printed and used.

DIY User Personas. A step by step recipe from UX Lady, including 10 elements you should add to your personas. #UserPersonas #UX #UCD

I like this because it is a cool graphic about what to put into a persona. This is actually a little too much info to put in a persona, in my opinion, but it's useful nonetheless.

Personas for Ecommerce platform by Calvin Pedzai, via Behance

UX Deliverables

My UX deliverables I have done for agency and personal projects. This covers the full UX design process from research to launch.

very nice visual representation for a project in service design //Service Design Portfolio by Amy Cotton, via Behance

My little service design portfolio. Showcasing a few examples of the service design work I have been involved with.

UX Persona for Book App

UX Persona for Book App

Hi, I'm working on a book suggestions app and this is "Nerdy Nina" one of the four user personas.

#UX #Persona #Profile (c) Margaret Hagan 2014, all rights reserved

Persona Template, for user-centered design process As I’ve been writing up my design process, I’ve been creating some more tools and templates. Here is one for the ‘scoping’ and ‘understanding’ part.