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danishliar: “ And if lust and despair Are two bullets in the same gun Well we’ve been playing Russian roulette For far too long ”

Looking through the eyes of perception. Pete Doherty #catseyes #majestic

Hilarious (And Often Adorable) Photos of Debauched Musicians With Cute Animals

Pete Doherty / Elle Magazine / Editorial, via Flavorwire. It would be funny if that cat's name were Nymeria, because Pete Doherty looks just like Arya Stark.

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty * Hard-partying English musician who fronts the band Babyshambles.

Ok, I like guys that dress like this. This being Pete Doherty.

Pete Doherty; A phenomenon from Arcadia

Pete Doherty by Hedi Slimane


Pete Doherty says this was the best text message he'd ever gotten from Kate Moss

coave: tokeur: “You’re in my veins, you fuck.” Pete Doherty... (the tenth thing)

“You’re in my veins, you fuck.” Pete Doherty says that this was the best text message he’d ever gotten from Kate Moss; she also wrote it on a wall of his bedroom in her own blood.