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A gingerbread bakery - You can't see them very well but inside the windows are shelves stacked full of miniature marzipan cupcakes, cakes and loaves of bread.

gingerbread house - Never made one but we're going to try this year

What a perfect idea, a bakery made out of gingerbread! Watch it come together step by step here: Gingerbread House 2012 - Goodies By Anna на We Heart It.

With Christmas on the way, you might already be thinking about making a fancy gingerbread house. All you need is a little inspiration, right? These amazing gingerbread houses are sure to get those creative juices flowing!   If you've ever been on Pinterest, you know how easy it is to get sidetracked.  I was supposed to be looking up a Christmas recipe but then a beautiful gingerbread house popped up on the page!  Before I knew it, I'd spent the better part of an hour looking at ginger...

20 Amazing Gingerbread Houses

How to make a Gingerbread House: recipes and hints and tips for putting it all together. This is very impressive!

Google-kuvahaun tulos kohteessa

Google-kuvahaun tulos kohteessa

Valentine gingerbread houses - Love this one, but it' looks a bit more difficult with the curves.   I like the Good 'n Plenty idea

With Love & Confection: Valentine Gingerbread House - love the chimney and beautiful icing pattern. How about that little gum paste snowman? The post says she painted him with vodka and then rolled him in disco glitter to get that sparkly look.